We work to suit you


At Worktones we treat each project as an opportunity to create something extra special that delivers over and above expectations. We apply this to all considered elements in the design process including function, form and sustainability.

Working in consultation with our clients needs, values and vision we can offer everything from fully bespoke uniforms to individualisation via simple tweaks and updates to our core range of products.


We love a challenge and are always interested in creating bespoke products whether it be a single piece, outfit or full uniform collection. Our process is to work in close consultation with our clients to create a brief that best represents your business ideals, aesthetic and location to deliver a result that you need, want and love.

Quantities of all numbers are considered, however for aprons we generally only create bespoke styles for units of 40 or more. We also have a back catalogue of additional styles plus new styles constantly in development.


Another option is to add a little more to the aprons we currently have available on the site. We can customise our aprons for you in a number of ways including embroidery, ink stamp, screen or digital printing. We also offer custom made badges and pins that can be made to almost any artwork or logo.

All custom additions add a small mark-up that will be quoted quickly and clearly for you.

Here’s a bit more info on each of the options:

Embroidery. Applied directly to the garment by machine - A wide range of colours are available and it’s possible to match back to Pantone colours for clear and precise branding. Embroidery generally suits Word style logos or small simple artworks, best outcome is single colour or 2 colour with front and shading.

Ink Stamp - Custom made stamp that can be applied to garment, works well for subtle branding. Colour options are limited and for best results we recommend Black, Navy or Green. All Worktones aprons come with an ink stamp on the internal side.

Screen Printing or Digital printing - To allow for a broader range of designs and wider colour palette (some exceptions with white) we can use screen or digital printing. This also allows for yardage or repeat prints and works well for large logos or detailed artwork.

Badges. These are woven badges, think biker jackets or scouts. These work well applied to aprons or garments and are easily applied and removed. Works best for detailed artwork or designed based logos.

Pins. Enamel, clip backed pins are great to add quick and versatile variation to all garments. Minimums are 500 but pricing is sharp and turn around is under a month. All designs can be considered but there are some limits with detailing.


We use high grade fabrics on all products. We believe it’s all in the material and we are constantly seeking new and exciting fabrics, trims, and detailing to add to our back catalogue. We preference natural materials like Hemp, Linen and Organic Cotton and strongly oppose synthetic fabrics like polyester and PU. Natural fabrics offer better resistance, wear true to the body and breath on the wearer whilst avoiding mould.

Each product is labeled with precise fabrication and washing details but there is always more you can do to make sure your Worktones goods age well. We recommend washing aprons together in wool wash or soft natural detergents. Aprons dry best on the line, hung on an S-hook or upside down and preferably in a warm shady position. Commercial laundries are okay but they use chemicals and chemicals are bad :(. Dry cleaning isn’t needed and please avoid clothes dryers at all costs.


Inspired by Australia’s intrepid relationship with food and the country's obsession with produce and the people who create what we eat, we have developed a range of aprons that seek to further inspire and elevate our favourite chefs, restaurants, cafes, hotels and pubs.

We are proud of our product and are only starting to scratch the surface as to what is possible and define better ways of manufacturing, shipping and handling our product for the best of both the earth and our clients.

All Worktones product is designed in Sydney and we use makers in China, Japan, India and Australia. Our fabrics are sourced from Japan, China, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and India and are a defining part of what we do.

Our goal is to produce product that is fair throughout all parts of the supply chain and will support those that grow the raw product, mill the fabric, sew the garment and ship the stock. We do not package each apron individually in plastic, no garments have swing tags and all shipping is sent in either recycled or used boxes or biodegradable packaging.

We price our work to be fair to us, to you and our suppliers and makers. We design the goods, buy the fabric, construct the garment and ship the product to a central warehouse in Sydney where all stock is checked, counted and packed by Worktones.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, please call 0407 600 475 or email us at admin@worktones.com and we can set-up a time to start workshopping ideas.