Chilli Oil — 500ml

Chilli Oil - 500ml
Chilli Oil - 500ml
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Friends of fire please join the queue for the 'red hot' Chilli Oil hand made by one of Worktones own. She'll make you Mona.

VERY LIMITED, all shipping will go with Australia Post and be sent as fragile goods. We'll double wrap and box your chilli oil baby for safe delivery.

Made to be a curvy kitchen workhorse & designed to bench sit alongside the oil you normally cook with. She's a feisty clear deep orange oil, with long lingering warmth. 

Ideal for ramen, frying gyoza, starting pasta sauces or paella. Made using Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Victoria. 

Handmade. Hand bottled. Hand sealed. Made by Musée du Oil.

Shipped within 48hrs
Returns & exchanges welcome