Made to order. Easy as A, B or C.

A. Our flagship items with your branding

Add your branding to our ready-made flagship items

— For printing & embroidery on our aprons, coveralls and tote bags
— Minimum order quantity: 10 units
— Lead time: 3 weeks + shipping
— Set-up fees

B. Locally sourced apparel

Tell us what you need and we'll source locally made apparel and brand it for you.

— Locally sourced tees, sweatshirts, and Earth-friendly bags
— Minimum order quantity: 25 units
— Lead time: 3 weeks + shipping
— Set-up fees

C. Fully custom gear

Design your own apparel with custom branding, details, and cuts.

— Aprons: 50 units min.
— Caps: 100 units min.
— Totes: 200 units min.
— Socks: 200 units min.
— Bandanas: 200 units min.
— Garment's, Shirts, Pant's, Jackets and more: 100 units min.
— Badges & Pins: 100 units min.
— Lead time: Varies with product, scale and design requirements


Let's do it — email or call us on 02 7203 1616 with your ideas however small or large.